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Fertility Treatment with Proper Fertility Test

The natural and biological capability to produce your offspring is known as fertility. Thus fertility rate refers to the number of children born per mating pair, individual or the population. A lack of perfect fertility is defined infertility.

Multiple factors affect the health of human fertility like nutrition, sexual behavior, consanguinity, instinct, culture, endocrinology, timing, economics, lifestyle, and emotions.

fertility treatment in pune, maharashtra

Ssmile Maharashtra, india is a medical clinic that help couples, and individuals too, who desire to become parents but are facing some complications due to medical reasons and thus have been unable to achieve their goals by means of the natural process. Our expert doctors recommend and guide their patients accordingly by recommending them diagnosis fertility tests related to infertility and sometimes advanced medical treatments in order achieve conceptions and Pregnancies.

Ssmile, Pune is well developed and internationally recognized fertility clinic with the best team of Fertility Specialist Doctors, medical developments, services and the medical staff that helps them to give birth to your own child, by guiding them appropriately and providing relevant fertility treatments for conceiving in case of any complication. We assure best fertility treatment results and desire and work for absolute joy in form of your healthy baby.

Factors affecting fertility for both males and females

In females, age affects fertility

Increase in age can reduce the possibilities of a female getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby. Fertility is thus ageist as it is one of the most important factors that mostly affect Female Fertility.

In males too, age affects fertility

Increase in the age beyond a certain age can reduce the possibility of a male fathering a healthy baby. Just like woman’s age is an important aspect of conception, the father’s age matters equivalently.

Alcohol does have a huge derogatory impact on fertility in both men and women

The scientific evidence about the quantity of drinking that affects fertility is not yet descriptively explained.

However, there is enough relevant evidence that alcohol is not good and disturbs fertility. As per the National Health and Medical Research Council to women trying to get pregnant must not drink alcohol at all.

Heavy drinking has a negative effect on fertility as it increases the length of time it takes to get pregnant thus reducing the possibilities of giving birth to a healthy baby.

Likewise, Male Fertility is also adversely affected by alcohol consumption. Alcohol has been shown as per varied cases to affect male and female fertility level, however, the level of consumption associated with risk is unclear.

Heavy alcohol consumption might reduce men’s fertility. It might cause male impotency, reduce their libido and affect sperm quality.

Timing guidance for healthy fertility for males and females

If you decide to conceive then along with a healthy and fit body, the mating couple also needs to pay attention to their consummation timings.

The Fertile window during menstrual cycle for the female is the considered to be the best time to try and conceive. However, this might differ from female to female and thus is righteously informed to our patients by our specialist doctors.

A man is supposed to consummate with his partner during her 'fertile window' or as recommended by our doctor for their benefit if they desire to conceive.

Some other fertility affecting factors for both males and females involve

Age, consumption, weight, smoking, alcohol and consummation timing are some of the main factors affecting fertility in men and women also some other factors that adversely impact fertility and the possibilities of conceiving and giving birth healthily to a nourished and healthy child are improper lifestyles. Thus perfect attention must be given to one’s lifestyle for staying healthy and giving birth to a healthy baby.

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