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Male Fertility Problems Treatment / Erectile Dysfunction / Undescended Testicle

Male fertility is a complex bodily process. Due to certain fluctuations and changes in the bodily process, Male Infertility can be caused. Low sperm production, abnormal sperm function or blockages might prevent the delivery of sperms. Others factors that might cause male infertility are illnesses, injuries, prolonged health issues, erectile dysfunction, lifestyle patterns and lot more.

male fertility problems treatment pune, maharashtra 

At Ssmile, Pune our advanced medical developments, studies, and systems along with the best team of Fertility Specialist Doctors and other medical staff will enable you to understand the male fertility concept which might slightly change from person to person and provide relevant guidance, treatments, and solution in case if there are issues regarding the same.Healthy male fertility firstly involves the growth and formation of the male reproductive organs during puberty. Also one of the testicles must be functioning appropriately, and testosterone must be produced in the body and other hormones too in order to trigger the sperm production and meanwhile maintain it.

If a mating couple is planning for conceiving then the male sperm is to be carried into the semen and ejaculated out of the penis. The sperm count should be appropriate in the semen and must be movable and functional as per the medically tested count, without which the couple cannot conceive.

Male fertility problem medical causes and solutions

Male fertility problems can be caused by many health issues. They are Varicocele which causes swelling of the veins that lead to draining the testicle.

This can be treated and thus can improve the sperm count and function, and may improve the relevant outcomes when assisted reproductive techniques such as In Vitro Fertilization are used. Ssmile in Maharashtra, India avails these advanced medical services.

Infection can also harm the sperm production or health. Some of these infections are inflammation of the epididymis or testicles and some Sexually Transmitted Infections or HIV.

Issues in ejaculation occur when semen during orgasms enter the urinary bladder instead of coming out the tip of a penis. This can be caused due to medical issues like diabetes, spinal injuries, medications, surgery of the bladder, prostate or urethra.

Antibodies are immune system cells that wrongfully identify sperm as harmful and dangerous invaders thus they attempt to eliminate them.

Tumors that are malignant or nonmalignant tumors can affect the male reproductive organs, directly through glands that produce hormones related to reproduction, like the pituitary gland, or through unidentified causes.
Undescended testicles might happen in some males during fetal development. This might lead to decreased fertility in men.

Hormonal instability in males can lead to infertility issues which might be caused from disorders of the testicles or abnormalities affecting other hormonal functionalities like the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands.

Alcohol, tobacco, and smoking are also factors that can reduce the male fertility count as it might lower testosterone levels, thereby causing erectile dysfunction and decrease sperm production.

Stress-related issues can also interfere with specific hormones that are required to produce sperm. Intense or prolonged emotional stress, along with fertility problems, can affect the male sperm count.

Obesity can harm fertility in many ways. This might include the direct impact on sperms due to hormonal changes that reduce male fertility. These are the various factors that might affect male fertility.

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