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age affecting fertility

Fertility is very much linked to our age. There are many people out there who do not conceive very fast. They do not have interest in setting up their family. However, there might be various reasons for this.

Reasons may be-

  •  They might not have the right partner for them.
  •  They may be focusing on their career.
  •  They even may be depositing the money for their house.
  •  They also may think that their age is not up to that to start a family or to have babies.

So these were some of the major factors due to which they do not usually try to start a family but when they feel like now is the right time for making the family a complete family and when they try at that moment, nothing usually happens.

It is a myth or a fact whatever you people might take in your head but it is true that if you had the intercourse or sex at the right time in the between or middle of the month and at the right time then there are probably more chances of achieving the Pregnancy.

Chances of conceiving

  • People usually try a lot and they make real efforts for conceiving. They basically try for several months.
  • When the students are young enough that they should have an intercourse with whom they love and trust, it is believed that the chances of conceiving increases the more you try.
  • It has been proved statistically that in about 10 chances, a young and fertile couple is sure to have 1 chance of achieving the pregnancy.
  • However, it must be noted that the time must be perfect. Perfect means the time must be right.

People who do not try conceiving at the age in which they should try hard usually fail in achieving the pregnancy later. It is proved by the studies that as you get older, it becomes ultimately difficult to conceive. There is usually an age which is preferred for conceiving.

  •  At the age of 38, the number of chances of conceiving becomes just half of what they could be.
  •  Therefore, our elders usually tell the young generation to have at least one of their own baby just after some time of marriage because then as the time passes on, it ultimately becomes harder to achieve pregnancy.

However, despite all these facts, it is also said that at the age of 46 there are chances for women to conceive naturally each month. But the chances are 1 in 100. It is never assumed to have the perfect pregnancy and that too at such a senior age.

There are fertility treatments done in Ssmile Hospital, Pune which is said to perk up the chances of getting pregnant. But it must be kept in mind that these treatments must not be performed at under age.

We believe in making our patients happy and satisfied and we also provide with the professional Fertility Consultation and advice which has become very necessary nowadays.

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