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BMI which is usually referred to as Body Mass Index is basically calculated or measured by a weight of a person in Kgs. The Kgs is then divided by the square of their height. There are so many adverse effects of high Bmi on your body. It can mainly affect your Hormone level and it also creates problem while conceiving.

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It also controls and limits the fertility treatment or the types of Fertility Treatment which are available to the women. High BMI is very erroneous for the body. It is not due to the fact that the weight is increased but the actual risk is linked and connected with the fact of having a huge body fat.

It must be analyzed at a right time because it is related to weight areas. It must be noted that a muscular body person is said to have high BMI but the person is actually at a low risk. This is because he/she is muscular, is fit.

PCOS and Body Mass Index

  • PCOS is basically referred to as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The main feature of PCOS is the gaining of weight.
  • Usually, in PCOS, it happens that the ovaries are bigger than their normal average size and have a large number of follicles which are small.
  • These follicles are immature and they even remain the same. They never develop much or do not even ovulate to produce an egg.
  • PCOS is said to affect the women that are between the age of 15-50. Up to 10 percent of the women are affected which belong to this age group.
  • Having this problem of PCOS in women it mainly makes women feel like they are less fertile and they ovulate very rare.
  • The diagnosis of PCOS and the effective treatment is done at Ssmile Hospital, Pune where the 50-60% of PCOS victims are considered as clinically obese.

Lifestyle and BMI affecting the fertility in Women

  • World Organisation has proved the fact which clearly specifies that there is a massive and elemental cause of obesity or being extra weighted.
  • The cause is the very happening imbalance between the calories which people consume and the calories which are expended.
  • It has been found that in all around the world nowadays, the intake of food which is rich in energy density is increased to a great extent. This causes fat because the energy dense food is rich in fats.

There are many factors which are considered to be very inappropriate and are ultimately complex emotional factors. They are a concern of BMI which includes the comfort level and the stress.

Ssmile Fertility Care Service Center in Maharashtra, India is very much honored and blessed to tell you some tips and bmi test to check your health and fertility. The concept is very easy and it will surely work for you. However, at the same time, we help you to treat the fertility whenever and where ever possible. We believe in the approach of making our patients happy and satisfied at the end of the day.


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