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STD Treatment / STI / Chlamydia / Gonorrhea

STD’s and fertility has many things the inside it. The section is not just limited to an explanation of infertility. So, we are first going to know a little about STD’s or STI’s and Infertility.

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About STD’s or STI’s and Infertility

  • Women do menstruate each month and the cycle is almost regular with every woman out there. Nearly 50% of the women from the entire of 100% have a tendency to release the egg in the middle of the periods or cycles. The egg is usually released from one of the ovaries.
  • For around 20% of women, it has been noticed that the Fallopian Tube Damaged which creates a major difficulty while conceiving.
  • It usually happens due to scars from a pelvic surgery before.
  • The Tubal Patency is easily checked in our Ssmile Hospital, Pune and the Fertility options are best explained by our doctors.

Chlamydia and Infertility

  • A disease named Pelvic Inflammatory disease is a minor infection which includes ovaries, womb and the fallopian tube.
  • It occurs usually due to STI which is Sexually Transmitted Infection.
  • For an egg to fertilize it is very important for it to travel down into the womb and but due to PID it cannot.
  • PID can literally damage the fallopian tubes and makes it very complicated for the egg to travel.
  • Most common STI is Chlamydia which can cause urinary symptoms in women. Symptoms are like pain or irritation; pain the lower abdomen while having sex or after having sex.
  • This infection can be patiently handled and diagnosed at Ssmile hospital, Maharashtra. We do this with the help of a urine sample and test and then taking a swab of the area.

Gonorrhoea and Infertility

  • The second most common bacterial STI is the Gonorrhoea. More than 50% of the women are infected and are asymptomatic.
  • The symptoms are very much similar to that of Chlamydia and the diagnosis process is also performed at Ssmile hospital.
  • Infertility is one problem which is associated with this STI.
  • The treatment can be done easily through various antibiotics but it can lead to long-term health problems.
  • There are other STI’s as well which are transmitted virally such as Genital Herpes and Genital Warts.
  • However, these above mentioned STI’s does not affect fertility.

STI’s and Male Infertility

  • Male Infertility has now become very common. Men tend to suffer from it very occasionally.
  • The STI like Chlamydia is said to cause a lot of irritation and burning sensation in men private area especially when they are urinating.
  • Even the penis is said to release a watery and liquid kind of substance. It is released from the tip of a penis.
  • It causes a lot of pain and irritation in the testicles area.
  • The symptoms of Gonorrhoea are identical although the discharge of while urinating can be white or yellow sometimes.
  • Both the STI’s and their diagnosis are treated at Ssmile hospital and in a very professional manner.



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