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Blocked Fallopian Tube Due to Damage

If a female's fallopian tubes are damaged, it might lead to blockage in fallopian tubes due to infection or they are might be malformed at birth, which can lead to Infertility.

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These blocked fallopian tubes can cause problems in Fertility. Fallopian tubes are the essential reproductive parts of the female reproductive system. The functions of the sperm to reach the egg for fertilization process takes place in the fallopian tube and further the fertilized egg travel through the tube to implant in uterus.

So of the many and most commons causes of fallopian tube dysfunctions are pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), pelvic surgery that might cause damage to the tubes and other conditions that create blockage in the tube are birth defects, fibroids and Endometriosis.

Ssmile IVF Clinic, Pune avails the best team of doctors, medical staff and every form of advanced medical facility to guide the patients with the best solution for their fertility related issues by providing the best treatments with best results. For fallopian tube related issues, our doctors recommend laparoscopy for treatment.

In some cases women will also need In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in order to conceive along with other treatments related to it.

The reproductive system of women is complex.The fallopian tubes are the most delicate of parts of the female reproductive system

Fallopian to tubes are sensitive and usually prone to damage and disease. Factors that might cause fallopian tubes damage are as follows:

A pelvic inflammation or infection could lead to scarred tubes and thus lead to infertility.
Complicated surgeries like laparoscopic surgeries, ectopic pregnancies and alike procedures could damage the fallopian tubes permanently.

Earlier Salpingostomy was commonly selected procedure and surgical treatment used in order to correct damaged fallopian tubes. In this a new opening was created by surgical methods at the fimbrial end. However, the results for this procedure to correct the fallopian tube functionality were not satisfactory.

In some of the cases in which the cornual end was blocked because of debris, thus the debris can be dislodged by making use of selective tubal cannulation, a non-surgical procedure, that offers a great success rate.

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