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Female Infertility Treatment

Female Infertility is something found in females like Male Infertility is found in men because of fewer sperms or no sperm or low-quality sperm. This was about men but women too have the problem of Infertility. Women usually feel so many problems and they cannot conceive during this period.

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Out of millions of population in the country, there are more than half of the women who suffer from this problem and nearly 4-5% of them takes this problem seriously and act upon it. They usually prefer diagnosis for this purpose. There is list of diagnostic tests which are mainly used in the diagnosis of female infertility. Some of them are-

  1.  Ovulation tests
  2.  Prolactin tests
  3.  Ovary Ultrasound
  4.  Fallopian tube examination tests.
  5.  Laparotomy
  6.  Laparoscopy
  7. Uterus Examination Tests

Diagnosis for Female Infertility

It is very important for the women to notice and even observe that if they are ovulating every month or not. The Ovulation must be proper and regular. This can be easily done by checking and observing the body temperature every month using a kit known as ovulation kit. Ovulation tests can be very easily performed in our Infertiltiy Treatment Clinic Ssmile. For this, a blood sample is needed for blood tests which are mainly used for checking the ultrasound tests of the hormone levels of ovaries.

There are so many tests included in female Infertility. Some of them are-

  1. Laparoscopy- In laparoscopy a small tube which is light transmitting is used t6o examine or analyze the female organs which are the tubes for a disease. The tube is inserted into the internal organ abdomen. Usually, this test is done when a woman is under the condition of anesthesia.
  2. Endometrial Biopsy- This test is basically done to observe the uterine lining and also to check whether the changes which occur monthly in the lining are normal or not. Basically, the examination of the uterine lining is done.
  3. Examination and analysis of semen of male partner- One is the main part of the examination of infertility is to check the semen of male partner. The shape and information about the sperm are actually known when an Semen Analysis is done. It is very essential to do the semen analysis. Even if the male partner had the baby before, still it is essential to know the shape of sperm.
  4. Testing of ovarian reserve- This test or analysis is done when the doctor checks that if the female can actually proceed for an egg or not. If she proceeds then is the egg a good quality one or not? This test also takes into consideration the fact that if the ovaries of the female are responding with respect to the changes which are taking place in the brain. Are the ovaries responding to the signals of hormones from the brain of female partner?

The doctor usually recommends so many tests to check the Ovarian Reserve. One test is the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). This test is done on the third day of the cycle and in addition, there are many other which Ssmile clinic usually suggest. Based on the test results and analysis doctor suggest appropriate Female Infertility treatment in pune at Ssmile fertility center in maharashtra, india 


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