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Male Infertility Treatment

Male infertility, basically a problem in men when they fail to conceive a baby while having sex. Male fertility is found in men. There are many reasons due to which some married couples cannot visualize about their future baby. One such reason includes Male infertility.

male infertility treatment in pune, maharashtra

Male Infertility Conditions is not found within every man. Not every boy who is married can have this problem. But, yes some do have it and they have to face it. However, nowadays there are so many Fertility Treatments and innovation in the field of science which can easily address this problem and people very easily get rid out of it.

In this huge population of our country, there are more than half of the males who are seriously affected by this problem and near about 1% of those people take this issue as a genuine and serious one and even consult with the doctor. The rest of the people do not give much attention to it and due to which the reason of not having a baby is always forced upon a female.

At Ssmile hospital, Pune we take this responsibility to make you get rid of this problem. Male infertility is no doubt a serious problem with lots of pain. Pain can be physical, emotionally or even psychologically. Bearing the pain is up to the patient but we assure people to give the best surgical treatments through which they can make things work out easily and calmly.

This problem usually occurs when there is no sperm present in the Seminal fluid upon ejaculation. ‘Azoospermia’ is a common term that is used for an absence of sperm in males. They are basically of two types-

  1. Obstructive Azoospermia- This is the point where sperm is created but they are actually not present in the seminal fluid due to some obstruction.
  2. Non-obstructive Azoospermia- This is not due to some obstacles in between but in this, there is a major problem in spermatogenesis.

There are so many normal and extreme causes of such male fertility problem. Some of them include-

  1. Blockage of tubes even in their presence.
  2. Sometimes the quantity of the sperm is very low that it is not visible in samples of semen.
  3. The unfulfilled development of those tubes that carry sperms.

We, The Ssmile hospital in Maharashtra, India offers you various treatments at our clinic to get rid of Male Infertility. Those treatments include-

  1. Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE)- When there is a fail in Vasectomy, then this treatment is usually performed. One of the most common male infertility treatments.
  2. Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection- This treatment takes the sperm out of eggs and then it is tested and analyzed by Embryologists. Then the high-quality sperm is injected into the egg directly.
  3. Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA)- Here, the seminal fluid is first examined. The doctors insert a very thin needle into the epididymis and they extract the seminal fluid. It is tested by embryologists and then they select a high-quality sperm. Our Fertiltiy Care Services make people recover fast with a bit of complication.


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