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Multiple Miscarriages Treatment Pune, maharashtra

Multiple Miscarriages / Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

In this world, there are many women who are being a pure victim of multiple miscarriages. Well, this is a lot hurting because the best moment of any women in her life is while she is pregnant and the time of baby coming out comes near.

This is the best moment of any married girl. But multiple miscarriages have now been so common amongst the women. The early loss of the baby during the time of pregnancy when he/she is inside is normal because it happens but miscarriages and that too multiple times is really hurting.

There are many causes which contribute for a girl to have multiple miscarriages. It’s not like the girl is willing to, but there are several causes which lead to multiple miscarriages.
So, let’s have a look at those causes-

  1. Chromosomal Abnormalities:
    Chromosomal Abnormality is one of the major cause of multiple miscarriages. The mismatched chromosomes have a huge effect on the miscarriage. They account for almost 60% of the miscarriages. Well, people who don’t know about chromosomes, they are very small structures that are present in each and every cell that take off our genes. There are 23 pairs of chromosomes, each set of 23 in the mother as well as the father. The dissimilar or diverse chromosome is a cause of this.
  2. Immunologic Disorders:
    This is also a major cause of multiple miscarriages as when the egg is fertilized it usually tells the mother who owns it to treat it like what it is and not like a germ. So, in some cases, the embryo’s are not accepted by the body of a woman and some antibodies are there which attack the tissue in the woman’s body including the embryo as well. This leads to miscarriages.
  3. Infections and some Lifestyle factors:
    There are various infections in the body which are a major cause of recurrent miscarriages. These infections can harm the woman’s body and make it weak. Various tests are performed thereon in Ssmile Hospital, Pune. Moving onto lifestyle factors which include drinking coffee more than 3 cups a day is a major cause, habits like taking alcohol and cocaine can lead to Pregnancy loss many times. Basically, the risk is increased when these factors are even around.

Ssmile Fertility Care Service Maharashtra, India does various treatments for curing their risk and even we treat the problem of multiple miscarriages. However, it must be noted as well as keep in mind that there is no such one treatment for treating multiple miscarriages. Since the cause is not one, the treatment can also not reside for just one. So, we assure you for our best treatments that we handle for recurring miscarriages and patients will never get disappointed by our services.

Our main motto is to make the patient fit and healthy and give him/her what they desire.

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