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Laser Assisted Hatching for Embryo Development

 Assisted Hatching is the upgraded laboratory embryo development process that is refurbished when the experts found that embryos comprising of a thin ‘zona pellucida’ have a comparatively higher proportion of implantation in the course of IVF. With the help of this process, an embryologist will be utilizing micromanipulation with the help of the microscope to generate a tiny opening in zona pellucida. The process usually takes place on the fourth day of the embryo development stage when it contains approximately 6-8 cells.

laser assisted hatching in pune,maharashtra

At Ssmile Infertility Clinic we come up with laser assisted hatching treatment procedure. As this laser technique is a tender and secure means to dwindle (weaken) a small segment of zona pellucid permitting ‘embryo to hatch’. After several types of research, it has been found that opting for a laser is better than chemical and manual hatching.

How is Chemical Assisted Hatching performed?

We are also into chemical assisted hatching with a solution of acid Tyrode. In this method, the embryo is detained with the specially designed pipette. An extremely subtle, sunken needle will be used for expelling the solution touching the zona pellucid (outer shell) of an embryo. A tiny hole is prepared in the shell through its digestion with the help of acid trade solution. The embryo will be then washed and will be relocated in an incubator.

To whom it is recommended?

The embryologist of Ssmile IVF Clinic, Pooja Mishra recommends assisted hatching for the following type of women:

  • Women with poor egg quality
  • Bad quality embryos
  • Having embryos with thick outer case
  • Those who have already been subjected to continual IVF treatments without any effective outcome. This method can increase their likelihood of Pregnancy
  • Female who are already 35 years of age or more than

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We are proud to declare that we are having one of the topmost pregnancy rates amongst all other IVF clinic in the country. Thus, our success stories are also more since we are devoted to taking care of every minute detail involving medical therapies, optimizing oocytes stimulation and embryo implantation. We provide online appointment facility to save the time of the patient.The success story is directly proportional to the pregnancy rate. Nevertheless, it also depends on how the patient is benefitted by our services and their testimonial. The team is very well acquainted with all features of the procedure of administering the infertility clinic. The specially programmed embryologist and the nurses are highly skilled performing the most updated methods of Fertility treatments. We believe in to achieve global excellence in fertility therapies with evidence-based ethical clinical practices by the team of highly skilled professionals by using cutting edge technology. For more details Contact Us.

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