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 What is Blastocyst Transfer?

Blastocyst transfer also is known as ‘blastocyst stage transfer or advanced embryo culture’ engage in expanding the culture cycle of the IVF embryos with for the minimum period of at least five to six days in the lab before transmitting it back to the female uterus.

We at Ssmile keep the embryos for observation much longer in the case of blastocyst transfer. This is the process through which we get more possibilities to recognize the embryo or embryos with better implantation probabilities and thereby enhancing the rate of Pregnancy.

advantages of blastocyst transfer in pune, maharashtra

How are we into embryo culture?

Before being relocated back to a woman’s uterus for fertilization embryos can be developed in the laboratory for maximum up to 5-6 days. This developing stage for a period of 5-6 days is known as the blastocyst stage and the process of transformation as blastocyst transfer. The factor such as the number of fertilized embryos or eggs that are being developed during the IVF cycle will determine whether the same will be transferred to the blastocyst stage or not.

You’re most reliable Ssmile Hospital, Pune Fertility Specialist will talk about the best alternative for you which will expect to provide you with the best opportunity of success besides reducing the call for multiple IVF cycles. In certain situations, the treatment cycle will be customized post the collection of eggs to make sure the best likely result which will be conferred to you at the appropriate time.

Why us?

A whole set of the reproductive unit under a roof which is into offering services to patients through some of the best fertility care experts. Our IVF segment has principally designed Air Management Unit and Modular infrastructure. These units are designed with the motive of creating the ‘purest air atmosphere’ to achieve the best class embryos in order to boost the rate of pregnancy.

We have committed ourselves to come up with international level Fertility Treatment which comprises of both the proven technical proficiency and consistent success stories with the transparent treatment process. It is every possible initiative of ours to comprehend with all your fertility-related problems. We also guide you through all the options suitable for you and customized way of treating every individual.

The team of our Ssmile clinic in Maharashtra, India understands the bliss of fertilization output or the baby. That is the reason we are readily available at your service like to endow you with all sorts of expert supervision and compassion. The supervision and compassion will make you understand and guide you through the entire stages in addition to share the ecstasy of the fertility therapy. Our aim is to bring you the ultimate joy of parenthood in every possible way involved in the fertility treatment.

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