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 What is ERA?

ERA or the endometrial receptive test is a kind of genetic testing in women that scans the endometrial receptivity in the implantation after endometrial biopsy. To know the status of endometrial receptivity in women, this tool scans the expression of 238 genes which are related to the endometrial receptivity.

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Ssmile IVF center, Pune covers all the tools and equipment that comes in this test. In a custom microarray, the 238 genes are hybridized with RNA that is extracted from an endometrial tissue sample which then goes under a procedure. According to the expressions profile, this endometrial tissue sample is termed as “receptive” or “non-receptive” depending upon the hybridization signal intensities which is detected by a computerized predictor.
Based on the results of the individual, ERA tests permits the Personalized Embryo Transfer (PET) and also reveals the timing of the implantation window. This is how the ERA test works in our Test Tube Baby Center in Pune.

Now, why you should select ERA test?

According to our specialists in Ssmile IVF center Maharashtra, India we suggest this test to those women who are younger and has at least three failed embryo transfers. This genetic testing is also recommended for the women who fall in the age group of 37 years or older than that who had two failed embryo transfers.
High sensitivity and specificity with gene expression profile have been associated with the receptivity in the ERA test. Based on histological criteria, endometrial stage dating has also been also existing in a classic way. In any way, this method does not discriminate between fertile and infertile patients. Also, the results can’t be applied in the clinic as this method includes a high degree of subjectivity. However, ERA tests cross all these hurdles.

In what way are the samples taken?

Ssmile IVF makes sure that the process goes through the correct method and the samples are safely taken from the individual who is going through ERA test. To perform this Genetic test and take down the sample, the first thing that has to be done is to take an endometrial biopsy from women in their natural cycle or take down the sample from the hormone replacement therapy cycles which relate to the phase of endometrial receptivity. That is, in the natural cycle at day 21, seven (7) days after the LH (luteinizing hormone) surge ( LH+7, or 6 days after the follicle rupture, which is then monitored by Ultrasound ) or after five (5) full days of progesterone impregnation in Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) cycles. Once the biopsy is taken, then it is rapidly introduced into an “ERA cryo-tube” that contains a fluid which then facilitates the tissue preservation.

For a better success, Ssmile IVF ensures that ERA will prove to be the user guide to determine the personalized implantation window.

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