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Frozen Embryo Transfer 

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is a technique where a frozen embryo is taken from the previous fresh IVF cycle that is softened which is then moved back into a woman’s uterus. In simple terms, this means that you don’t need to go through a long procedure where you must undergo egg collection or another cycle of hormone stimulation which takes time. Frozen embryo cycles are far better that makes sure you go under the Ovulation Induction or take on your natural cycle or use the hormone preparation method.

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So that now we know what’s the Frozen Embryo Transfer technique, we Ssmile IVF would be glad to give you more information on this technique so that you’re able to know more of FET before going for it.

If you’re going for this technique then there are really few benefits of this. Basically embryo freezing gives you more chances for pregnancy according to per hormone stimulation cycle and egg collection. So if you aren’t able to get pregnant from the very first transfer of the cycle then you don’t need to worry because there’s always a way out there. If this doesn’t happen in the first chance then we can transfer move with a frozen embryo during the frozen embryo transfer cycle.

In simple terms, Ssmile IVF doesn’t want you to go through another procedure of egg collection or hormone stimulation cycle that takes up your time and makes sure that it provides you the best service for this technique.

Now, the question is Why do we freeze the Embryos?

The answer is simple. We freeze embryos to reduce the risks of multiple pregnancies by transferring more than one embryo at the same time. Because there are chances that we are able to create multiple embryos during an IVF cycle. It is better to transfer one embryo and freezing the others for better results and also highly recommendable by the Fertility Specialist.

Once this procedure is finished and you feel that your family is complete then you have the full right to decide what to do with your other frozen embryos. You can either keep those frozen embryos for future for your personal use or just let them subside naturally. You can also donate it to someone who is unable to conceive on their own or donate them for scientific research. There are many options and for this you can consult your specialist.

We SSmile IVF, Pune looks after you carefully while doing this procedure so that you’re able to have a satisfied life. Also, these frozen embryo technique success rates are equal when compared to the fresh embryo techniques for pregnancy.

We at Ssmile IVF Maharshtra, India makes sure that you come here and leave with a smile on your face. All we wish you to have a good life after consulting us. For more details Contact Us



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