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Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) / Preselective Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (PICS)

The full form of IMSI is Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection. This is the procedure where on the basis of a test of each sperm morphology, spermatozoa are chosen. The assortment is done with the help of a specially designed microscope under close observation. The sperm which is at its morphological best then utilizes for the purpose of micro-manipulative fertilization.

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PICS stand for Pre-selective Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection. It is a technique obtained by the laboratories to choose the mature sperm for ICSI process through fastening to form a substance known as hyaluronan. It is used with the goal of choosing best possible sperm to enhance the chances of Pregnancy thereby lessening the miscarriage proportion. We (the Ssmile Hospital) are into a promotion of this particular method not only because it is newly introduced but also it is best and has more success stories recently worldwide.

Since the past few years, Ssmile Hospital, Maharashtra along with its team of fertility specialists has established some of the pioneers in the domain of fertility therapy, remedy and medication in the entire Pune. All these were possible to achieve due to the extraordinary dedication of the fertility health center towards experiments and effort in the domain of human fertility.

The Fertility Specialist at our clinic performs the task of evaluating the sperm morphology (structure and form). We are aware of the fact that our patients trust us as some of the best doctors and other paramedical staffs. Regardless of our accomplishments in the field of fertility, our first and foremost priority is to offer the paramount in fertility care treatment that can cater to reach the need of every individual patient.

Each day the Ssmile hospital, Pune is into offering the best quality medical amenities to all our patients. Our team consists of some of the experienced doctors, nurses, paramedical staffs, receptionists, etc. All the staff, of ours including the doctor work as a whole large team to make the complete journey of your treatment smoother, less complex and hassle-free.

Patient’s Awareness

The process of IMSI and PICS opts in either of the situations:

  • The male mate is having the extremely low sperm count.
  • If the nature of the sperm is somewhat inactive. In other words, if he is facing low sperm motility.
  • The small percentage of the sperm is rendering the normal shape or low morphology.
  • When the male mate is incapable of producing sperm. However, the sperm is gathered from the testis biopsy.
  • Lastly, when all the other IVF series prior to these were in vain.

We at Ssmile believe, “Miracles do happen………Try not get discouraged and most importantly, make sure you’re mentally prepared.”

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