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Intrauterine Insemination / IUI Treatment

Intrauterine insemination can be recognized as the artificial insemination. It is a method to take care of Fertility Problems. It involves the whole process of placing your husband or partner’s set semen (sperm) sample into your uterus (uterine cavity).

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How is IUI Procedure done?

This method of preparing the semen sample is generally termed as “sperm washing”. The sperm sample is examined in a test tube and afterwards in a centrifuge. This will allow the gathering of sperm in a ‘pellet’ or at the base of the test tube. The seminal fluid is eventually removed and is then relocated at the top of the pellet. The active most sperm will then swim its way via the same media. The ultimate sample comprise of the active most sperm amongst all other sperm with a small quantity of media.

On the basis of the sperm sample there can be of Intra-uterine insemination which are as follows:

  • IUI-H (Insemination with husband’s sperm)
  • IUI-D (Insemination with donor’s sperm)

Donor sperm is suggested in case your partner’s sperm has issues with quality of the sperm or the production of the same.

Who is IUI recommended for?

Couples who have failed in repeated number of attempts since the last one year. IUI treatment is also suggested as the best method of treatment for women who have not attained 35 years of age.

Why Ssmile IVF for IUI Treatment?

The Ssmile IVF Center, Pune is the cache of some of the extremely skilled andrologist, IVF nurses and special guest doctors who are devoted into working as a team delivering patients with the best of world class IUI treatment in addition to expert suggestions and guidance. During the procedure of Intra Uterine insemination the patients will be treated with the experienced IVF nurses of our clinic:

  • All means to relieve patients from all kinds of worries.
  • Routine consultation of the particular patient to have a close look at the health.

Both the laboratory and the OT are equipped with some of the best tools and equipments of the domain comprising of:

  • Modular OT
  • Air Handling Unit which controls heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system

Being a complete set of reproductive unit under a roof it has committed itself into offering services to patients through some of the ‘bee fertility care experts’. Our IVF domain is primarily created with amenities such as Air Management Unit and Modular infrastructure. These services are intended with the motive of creating the ‘purest air atmosphere’ to achieve the best class IVF Treatment therapy in order to enhance the rate of pregnancy.

‘Our aim is to attain the best outputs in terms of patient care and services through incorporation of the updated guidelines’.

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