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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection / ICSI Treatment

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, a Fertility Treatment that helps in the process of egg fertilization. ICSI can be used as part of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) procedure to help you and your spouse to conceive your child.
It is the most successful fertility trestment for males who are infertile and is utilized in majority of IVF treatments. This procedure for fertility treatment requires one sperm, to be injected directly into the egg. The embryo formed that is fertilised egg is then transferred to woman's uterus (womb).
At Ssmile, Pune we also avail the procedure of Inter cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for certain clients for whom the conventional IVF procedure might not be helpful as they might be suffering from severe male factor Infertility.
Procedures like Micromanipulation of Oocytes & Spermatozoa have been developed to solve this issue.
ICSI is technically more advanced procedure wherein a single spermatozoon is injected directly into the ooplasm of the oocyte.
An inverted microscope supported with micromanipulators & microinjectors are utilized in this procedure. The prepared sperm is injected under a microinjecting pipette into the ooplasm, held by microholding pipette. All this is done under strict medical supervision.
Further, the microinjecting egg is returned to the incubator for culturing it further and also checked for fertilization for a duration of 16-18 hrs after injection.
Thus the embryos obtained from this procedure are taken for ET. This is followed by a manner similar to conventional IVF. Our expert doctors recommend ICSI procedure if the following factors are observed in the patient.
Extremely low count known as Oligospermia, poor sperm morphology i.e. Teratozoospermia and Globozoospermia, advanced maternal age in women, infertility due to immunologic reasons, Endometriosis grade III & IV, male with ejaculatory disorders or some unexplained infertility reasons.

icsi treatment in pune, maharashtra

ICSI and how does it help in conceiving.

In this ICSI Procedure the sperm does not have to travel to the egg or penetrate outer layers of the egg. This implies that it can help couples where the male's sperm cannot reach the egg, can reach to the egg, but somehow cannot fertilize it.
ICSI is also recommended if the sperm can't be ejaculated but can be easily collected from the testicles or from epididymis. This may be required if your spouse might have had an injury or irreversible vasectomy. Also this procedure is recommended if the male partner is having issues with getting an erection and ejaculating because of many reasons like spinal cord injury.
ICSI isn't always the righteous solution to all Male Infertility problems.
If your partner has low sperm count due to genetic problem, this could be carried on to any sons that the couple gives birth to. Our doctor will mostly recommend a blood test for the male before starting the ICSI cycle.
The couple planning to conceive will be offered counseling before and after the test is taken in order to help you to make the right decision in your benefit and also lower the stress associated with this fertility treatment procedure. Our Fertility Specialist at Ssmile, Maharashtra will guide you accordingly for best possible ICSI treatment for getting the desired ICSI result and outputs. For more details Contact Us


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