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stem cell therapy for infertility in pune, india

Stem Cell Therapy for Infertility

The undifferentiated cells present in the embryonic, fetal and adult stages of life are known as stem cells. They give rise to differentiated cells that make up building blocks of tissues and organs.
Stem cells have unlimited source and a potential for high differentiation, thus they are known as new therapeutic potential agents for the treatment of infertility. Stem cells could be stimulated in vitro fertilization procedure in order to develop varied numbers of specialized cells. This will include both male and female gametes showing their potential usage in reproductive medicine. At Ssmile Pune, India we have adopted this treatment for availing the best to our client by overcoming all barriers in the process of conceiving their own child. We have well equipped advanced clinical structure with the best team of doctors and the medical staff that will assist and coordinate with you in your entire fertility related treatment journey for successful outcomes in form of your own baby.
A significant progress has been observed in male germ cells derivation from the potent stem cells. Also, stem cell-based ovarian regeneration and production of oocyte strategies have been proposed at our clinic for Female Infertility Treatment.
Presently, there have been many cases wherein pregnancy could not be achieved due to insufficient growth of endometrium, possibly because of repeated D&C, genetic defects and premature aging.

Stem cell transplant - Endometrial development

Stem cell therapy is an appropriate therapy for Fertility related issues and can be recommended as per the requirement by our specialist doctor at Ssmile.
In this treatment, the stem cells are taken from the bone marrow. These stem cells produce endometrial angio genic stem cells. Meanwhile, uterine lining is cleaned. Then these are transplanted under strict aseptic conditions in the uterine cavity inside the Operation theatre under Local anesthesia. For transplantation purpose in this procedure, sonographic techniques are used for endometrial lining in minimal duration. This is sufficient for the patient undergoing treatment to achieve implantation during IVF Procedure and is helpful for those who desire to give birth to their own child.
Stem cells are wonderfully powerful and are able to divide and renew themselves and turn into specific types of specialized cells such as blood or nerve cells. Stem cells are responsible for your baby's organs, tissue and immune system development.
The umbilical cord nurtures life during and after pregnancy. During the entire Pregnancy phase umbilical cord nurtures your baby's life. It supplies oxygen rich cells and nutrients from the mother’s placenta to her baby, also allows baby to pump deoxygenated and depleted nutrient blood back to the placenta. This entire exchange process is protected by special tissue in order to ensure that the cord blood flow remains constant and steady. Stem cells therapeutic potential from the umbilical cord is well know.
Cord blood is used in the treatment of many life threatening diseases. The clinical trials utilizing the cord tissue stem cells human patients have increased rapidly and successfully. For potential use in kids with autism, cord tissue stem cells are being studied.

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