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 Vitrification / Slow Freezing for Freezing Eggs

Vitrification or Slow Freezing are both different terms when it comes to preserve and freeze eggs. Ssmile IVF takes charge of both the methods and accordingly, gives you the information on both so that you’ll be able to select the right method and then go further with the procedure.

  1.  What is the Slow Freezing method? The slow freezing method that is bit slower than the vitrification method and takes little time. To be precise, in a slow freezing method the cell is cooled down very slowly at -196 degree Celsius which is the proper temperature to safely preserve the frozen eggs that ensure that all the biological procedures are stopped inside the cell. To reach this level, the entire procedure takes a couple of hours and that is why this method is termed as “Slow freezing method”.
  2.  What is Vitrification method? Vitrification on other hand is the opposite of Slow freezing method. In this method, the cells are cooled down quickly within a few minutes when compared to a slow freezing method. In this method, the cells become “vitrified” or “glass-like”.

It is also noted that speed is very important when it comes to the success of freezing of eggs. Studies have revealed that if the freezing procedure takes longer time then there are chances of ice crystals forming in the cell. If there are chances of forming ice crystals in the cell then it can cause damage to the cell, thus providing a way to obstruct the functioning of the cell when it will be thawed. On the other hand, vitrification method is safer than the slow freezing method as it takes less time to freeze the cell, thus reducing the risk of forming the ice crystals inside the cell.

The slow freezing technique came into existence since 1986, which was considered to be the only way to freeze the eggs and was continued for the next 20 years. Then came the Vitrification technique which was considered to be the consistent and safest method as compared to a slow freezing method. Vitrification process was a game changer in the clinical terms as it gave an increase to the survival rate of freezing eggs by vitrifying eggs on a quick freeze level.

With the development in technology, studies have rated this vitrification process as the better one when compared to a slow freezing method in a freezing of eggs. As per many studies, it is also found that the slow freezing method gives rise to the higher risk of egg abnormalities while the vitrification process, the rates of survival, normal Pregnancies and fertilization were much better.

We at SSmile IVF, Pune have both these procedures that give you the right to choose any one procedure suitable for you. Because for us, it is important that your happiness matters and provide you our best Fertility Care Services.



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