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Surrogacy Treatment / Surrogate Process / Family Planning

It is a method of assisted reproduction that provides help to intended parents who desire to begin family planning when they otherwise could not conceive naturally. Intended parents might opt and pursue surrogacy for distinctive and multiple reasons and might come from different backgrounds altogether.

All intended parents mostly collaborate with a gestational surrogate, a female who carries a child to its ultimate term.

surrogacy treatment in pune, maharashtra

Surrogacy arrangements are of two types. They are gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.
Circle Surrogacy only avails gestational surrogacy arrangements, which refers to the gestational carrier that has no genetic connection to the child to be born.

Embryos are created in our laboratories at Ssmile through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) sometimes this might involve the use of an egg donor and are placed into the surrogate mother’s uterus.

In traditional surrogacy process, a surrogate is made pregnant with the use of her own eggs.

Intended Parents for Surrogacy Treatment

Intended parents are provided with consultation at Ssmile who intend to build their own family.

With the help of our best medical services, doctors, and medical staff, intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors are matched and thereby agree to the terms of their journeys together. Then accordingly all legal procedures are followed to prevent any legal complications.

Egg donors or surrogates are required to complete their respective IVF cycles, which might involve egg retrieval or transfer and might depend on the nature of the case in concern. All these procedures take place at our Ssmile IVF in order to ensure that the IVF functionality goes smoothly and in accordance with the required period of time.

Surrogacy will help you to build and a new life into existence in this world, and help you to build a happy family that takes its first steps toward a happier life together!

Ssmile Test Tube Baby Centre in Pune state of the art Modular AHU IVF center and will be your perfect supporter to build your own family by birthing your own child.

Ssmile is a reproductive medicine center, an initiative that is internationally renowned and that provides patient-centered, specialist ‘Fertility care’. Our Fertility Specialist team has been providing established IVF services all over the nation for over a decade with consistent results of successful good pregnancy.

Our IVF unit has been specially designed including modular structure & Air Handling Unit. Our medical services are unique and effective to provide the purest form of air atmosphere to get top quality results in the form of embryos to enhance the rate of pregnancy.

At Ssmile Maharashtra, India our sole commitment is to provide top world class Fertility Care which involves the technical expertise that has been proven to provide consistent and successful outcome along with surrogacy treatment transparency.

We will be sufficiently available to provide expert guidance and compassionate understanding and solutions in order to help you overcome the challenges and also to share the joys of Fertility Treatment with the best effective solutions in your benefit.

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