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Fertility Consultation

At Ssmile our clients will be served with the best guidance by our team of expert doctors, medical staff and advanced medical facilities. Initially when you visit Ssmile IVF hospital you will get to meet our Fertility Specialist for fertility consultation who will guide with the best possible procedures to solve your fertility related issue.
In your first appointment with Ssmile's fertility specialists, our doctor will review your entire medical history, evaluate your general health, and organize initial tests and investigations for your specific issue. These tests and investigations will be done as per the doctors referal at Smile.

fertility consultation in pune, maharashtra 

For female's, depending on testings performed earlier, the fertility specialist may further order pathology tests. For males, blood test for hepatitis B and C, HIV and analysis of semen are all regularly conducted in the process of Fertility Treatment.
Pre-pregnancy screening is also available for some genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis and can be discussed in detail with our specialist.
Some of the other fertility diagnostic tests may include the following:

Blood tests for females

Test for Rubella immunity also called German measles, Chicken pox, Hepatitis B and C, HIV, full blood count, blood group test, thyroid test and current pap smear and some other fertility tests for recommended for females.
Also medical examination like vaginal Ultrasound to check for fibroids, polyps, ovarian cysts in order to act as ‘baseline’ for reference during fertility treatment in women.

Blood tests for males

HIV, Hepatitis B and C and some other fertility tests are recommend to the male patients by our fertility specialist. Also, semen analysis is done to check for the antibodies and any infection.
Once the results of these tests are received by our fertility specialist, they will further meet you again in order to explain in detail and perfectly about the recommended fertility treatment plan.
At Ssmile IVF Pune, Maharashtra all fertility specialists are greatly supported by experienced scientific staff that have the responsibility to undertake the detailed sperm analysis procedure. For specifically challenging cases further diagnosis, investigations or surgery are recommended by our specialists.
After proper Fertility consultation and guidance with our fertility specialist, the treatment for the specific fertility issue begins for providing best possible solutions.
After your appointment and Fertility consultation with, you will further meet our nurse and administration team member and you will also be informed of the infertility counselling services that will be availed to you, before the fertility treatment begins.
Our fertility nurse will explain appropriately, what your upcoming IUI / IVF / ICSI treatment cycle will involve, along with all specific treatments, injection techniques and medications.
Our administration team will explain all the costings associated with your treatment, and answer all your questions that are related to your fertility treatment and also the schedule of payment. This will help you understand the fees that are involved and explain all kinds of expenses associated.
A fertility counsellor shall be available to meet with you and your partner, in order to discuss the physical and emotional aspects that are associated with your fertility treatment. Thus our fertility counselor will help you to overcome emotional and physical obstacles during the fertility treatment and thereby help to achieve the best results.

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