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Basic or Advanced Infertility & Art Training Courses

Assisted Reproductive Technology Courses / Embryology Training Courses

Ssmile, Pune offers basic and advanced Infertility and art training courses, recognized by (FOGSI) the Federation of obstetric and gynecological societies of India and IFS.

assisted reproductive technology courses in India, pune

Ssmile, Maharashtra offers ICOG Fellowship for duration of 6 months. It also offers IFS Fellowship for 1 Year. Ssmile also offers certificate courses in basic Infertility, USG and Embryology.

These certificate courses are comprehensive in their design. It involves basic endocrinology sciences, stimulation protocols for IUI, detailed usage of stimulation drugs, IUI laboratory setup and semen processing.

The trainees in these courses will be given hands on training on follicular scans, semen processing, IUI and guidance and counseling for patients. These courses are focused for clinicians who have a desire to venture into the field of reproductive medicine and thus built up a credible career in the field of reproductive science.

At Ssmile our Director is one of the best renowned teachers in the industry, with her great passion and dedication for teaching. She has now become most favorite teacher of many Indian and abroad based gynecologists

Ssmile is Test Tube Baby Centre in Pune is a Modular AHU IVF centre, acknowledged all over the nation.

Ssmile is a reproductive medicine unit that is patient-centered and specializes in Fertility care. SSMILE is an initiative of globally renowned & reputed 35 years experienced Dr.Bharti Dhorepatil, IVF Specialist accompanied with our expert team. Ssmile has been providing established IVF services all over the nation for over a decade with successful, consistent and good pregnancy rates above 50 percent cases.

At Ssmile, our concept is a tribute to all the Pioneers in the field of fertility and its related treatments. In our team we have Dr. Steptoe, Dr. Edward, Dr. Subodh Mukharjee & Dr. Indira Hinduja. Ssmile IVF unit has particularly designed modular structure and an Air Handling Unit. We also avail unique facilities to give the finest air atmosphere to acquire top quality embryos in order to enhance the pregnancy rate. Our courses have been designed in a very diligent way to avail the best to our students.
It is our commitment to provide great international class Fertility care and also recognized educational courses. Our facilities involve technical expertise that have been proven to be consistent and has been providing successful results with treatment transparency.

At Ssmile we understand the fertility issues of our patients and thereby keep them well updated and informed about all the relevant options and treatment as per individualized choices throughout the period of the process related to child birth, also we go through the challenges and thereby share the joys of Fertility Treatment results that is the child.

Our expert doctors shall be available to provide expert guidance and understanding to our prospects and thereby help them go through the challenges and share the joys of fertility treatment outcomes. Ssmile is thus the best fertility care provider and the education provider in collaboration with recognized institution.

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