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3D Ultrasound Scan / 4D Ultrasound Test

Pregnancy is a very special moment of your life, you deserve to be pampered and treated with the best of everything while your baby is growing. So when it comes to ultrasound services, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best in expertise, safety and comfort. Ssmile Hospital, Pune dedicated team of experts ensures that you have the most comfortable experience. As a result of this commitment, Ssmile Hospital has been regarded as one of the best in providing high quality ultrasound test in India with a consistent pregnancy rate above 50% for more than a decade.

Why Ultrasound Scan?

With 3D ultrasound scan, multiple two-dimensional images are taken at various angles using various techniques like freehand, mechanical, using endoprobe & matrix array transducer which are then pieced together to form a three-dimensional rendering. This makes it look like a complete 3D picture instead of multiple 2D images. 4D Ultrasound Scan unlike 3D also shows movement of the baby in real time which makes it appear like a video of your unborn baby.

3d ultrasound scan pune, maharashtra

Ultrasound technique is becoming very popular amongst the parents-to-be because of all these benefits.
Ssmile Hospital Maharastra, India makes this magical experience memorable for you by helping you live every small moment of your unborn baby and sharing this keepsake with your beloved ones.

Ultrasound Image Clarity:

Between 26-30 weeks of your pregnancy when the baby has little fat under the skin and the bones of its face show through, it is ideal to get a 3D-4D Ultrasound done. By getting clear pictures and viewing the movements of the baby inside the womb it becomes easy for the doctor to detect any abnormality in the organs of the unborn baby. More than anything else it increases the chances of a successful pregnancy by detecting Fertility Problems and complications much before any other technology can detect.

Ssmile Hospital makes sure that you experience all these moments in a relaxing, unhurried and extremely comfortable environment and thus becomes an indispensable part of this journey of your life.

Problem Solution:

You are able to take a glimpse into the small world of your little one and watch him moving, yawning and stretching in the womb. These are all real time images with a much natural skin tone.
These images are observed by professionals to detect problems if any and also to closely observe the internal organs of the baby such as its heart.

It also becomes easier for the parents to understand the nature of the problems because of the clarity of the images and be prepared for the future situation.

The professionals can then provide a solution to any suspected fetal anomalies, such as spinal cord issues or cleft lips.

You can undoubtedly rely on Ssmile’s highly skilled and professional ultrasound technicians to provide you an unforgettable ultrasound experience. You can also get your baby’s images and recordings for free at our 3D 4D Ultrasound scan facility.

Special Features:

We at Ssmile Test Tube Baby Centre understand the needs of a pregnant women and make sure that we cater to all your needs. If you are not able to get clear pictures if your baby, the sonographer may ask you to take a walk or come back in a week, when your baby might have moved to a better position.

If its not possible to get a good picture of the face, you might see the fingers or toes or any other part of the body. You can get a repeat scan to see the face.


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