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The endocrine system is made up of numerous glands located throughout the body. All-together with the nervous system, it regulates and controls the bodily functions. While the nervous system uses nerve impulses as a control therapy, while the endocrine system uses chemical messenger molecules which are known as hormones. These hormones are released by the endocrine glands into the blood stream, wherein they seek out certain target tissues. These targets have receptors that certainly accept the hormones just like fitting a key to a lock.

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Basically, some of the hormones’ targets are other glands – they are secreted by one gland and then, travel to another, wherein they stimulate the production and secretion of another hormone. The example of this is the hypothalamus gland that releases ‘thyrotropin-releasing hormone’ (TRH). This hormone stimulates the pituitary gland for releasing ‘thyrotropin’. TSH in turn stimulates the thyroid gland for producing ‘thyroid hormones thyroxine’ (T4) and ‘triiodothyronine’ (T3), which helps to regulate the present rate of metabolism.
The endocrine glands are carefully controlled with the use of ‘Feedback Systems’. In certain cases, such as thyroid hormone, the body strives to keep a relatively persistent amount in the blood.

Some hormones have monthly or a daily pattern of releases. For example, ‘cortisol’ (produced by the adrenal glands) concentrations have high tendency in the morning and low tendency in the evening, whilst both follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH) and luteinising hormones (LH) (produced by the pituitary gland) increases and decreases and thereby, regulates a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle.

Other hormones are present in minimal quantities in the blood and are released in particular situations, such as - the release of adrenaline (epinephrine) from the adrenal glands in responsive to stress.

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