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IVF Laboratory / Incubator Culture

IVF is a process by which fertilization takes place in vitro, meaning ‘in glass’ by interaction of eggs that are retrieved from your ovaries with sperms in a laboratory culture dish which is placed left to culture in an incubator.

People opt for IVF for several problems such as :

  1.  Blocked or Damaged Fallopian Tubes.
  2.  After being unsuccessful in trying several fertility drugs such as clomiphene or IUI
  3.  If you are much above the age of becoming pregnant (40+)
  4.  If your male counterpart has infertility issues.
  5. Single women wishing to conceive using a sperm donor

Clean and hygienic laboratory is the key to a successful IVF clinic. Maintaining a high level of air quality despite of changes in weather and increasing pollution is the main challenge that IVF clinics have to meet to avoid the embryos being exposed to any harmful dust particles, smoke, fire smoke etc. To maintain this environment and hassle free fertilization, Fertility Specialist, embryologists and scientists should also be kept in mind while setting the IVF lab.

ivf laboratory in pune, maharashtra 

IVF lab 10000 as mentioned above refers to a lab that fulfills ISO 7(Class 10000) certification, wherein contamination is restricted by observing contamination by airborne & surface particles, liquid levels and static electricity.

Ssmile Hospitals, Pune take special care of all the above requirements to maintain a clean IVF lab and also have highly qualified and experienced fertility embryologists and scientists at your service.


Right from Fertility Consultation, it is important to follow all steps with due caution to avoid any mishaps in future.

  1.  Fertility Drugs:
    These are consumed in order to stimulate ovaries to produce more mature eggs ready for fertilization. This is done to maximize the odds of you becoming pregnant.
  2.  Hormone Injections:
    These are consumed for the similar purpose as fertility drugs to increase the number of mature eggs produced. Different women might react differently to these products and are closely observed to see if there are any side effects.
  3.  Egg Retrieval and Sperm Collection:
    An ultrasound as described in the previous section is used to determine when your eggs (follicles) are ready for rupture. These eggs are then mixed with a clean sperm chosen from the donated sperms, in a clean dish and left to culture in an incubator.
  4.  Repeated Cycled:
    Extra embryos are frozen for future use and a blastocyst transfer is done with the rest.

Ssmile, Maharashtra follows these steps with extreme caution under expert supervision to make sure that this experience is exciting and memorable for you.

Pros & Cons:

  1.  No long term adverse effects have been observed in children ever since this technique became popular.
  2.  Multiple Birth, side-effects of fertility drugs, Chances of Ectopic Pregnancy.

Parents Still go for IVF Treatment because of the benefits involved.

We at Ssmiles in Maharashtra, India work hard to live up to your expectations and to make this experience of parenthood as memorable as it would have been if you had conceived naturally.

We at Ssmiles, strive to make this happen for you and give you the happiness of bringing a life into being in best of experts hands nurturing your needs and problems.


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