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Natural IVF – Green IVF

Natural Cycle IVF / Green IVF Treatment

The most holistic approach to IVF Treatment is Natural Cycle IVF and is rapidly becoming very popular as a Fertility Treatment method. Ssmile Fertility Center, Pune has developed a very effective protocol for providing help to women who decide to undergo an IVF protocol with high level of success and meanwhile avoiding the usage of excessive medications and drugs that would stimulate ovaries and produce many eggs.

Natural Cycle IVF treatment in Pune

Natural Cycle IVF intends to capture the one egg that the female produces naturally every month during her menstrual cycle. This egg is usually the best quality egg a female's body might produce and even when IVF medications are used and will give you the greatest opportunity for Pregnancy.
Natural Cycle Green IVF has gained popularity in the recent times because of its scheduling which is simplified and has low or no stimulation protocol. In comparison with other procedures it is less expensive than conventional IVF and provides results that are almost as perfect and good as normal IVF.

Green IVF
The natural cycle IVF involves the process of collecting and fertilizing the one egg that releases during a female's normal menstrual cycle. Minimal fertility medications are used to stimulate production of eggs.
After the retrieval and fertilization of the egg, the embryo is transferred to the uterus and then a pregnancy test after a stipulated time to confirm if the woman has conceived or not. Green IVF offers multiple benefits to couples who are trying to conceive. The elimination of the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) along with gonadotropin injections are included in this process. Embryos production is controlled by this process. It also eliminates the possibility of multiple pregnancies. The female's who are most prone to hyper-stimulation, are recommended this process for better results without any further complications.

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