since 1982

Infertility Treatment Clinic / Test Tube Baby Centre

Ssmile is a leading fertility medical organization providing a variety of treatments that range from basic infertility care to the advanced technology known as In vitro fertilization (IVF). Our team of experts are highly committed to working along with you, to help achieve your dream.

Ssmile has been offering services of assisted reproductive techniques to patients all over India as well as at international level.

Dr. Bharati Dhorepatil, is an accomplished academician, along with her entire Reproductive Team provide relevant infertility treatment from basic treatments to the highly advanced Treatment Options.

Ssmile is a "Test tube baby centre" and “Modular AHU IVF centre" situated in Pune with global acknowledgement.

Ssmile is a reproductive medical infertility treatment clinic that aims to provide patient-centred and specialist ‘Fertility care’.

Ssmile is an inventiveness of IVF Specialist, Dr. Bharati Dhorepatil, Director & Chief IVF Consultant also Internationally renowned and reputed with credible experience of 35 years.

Dr.Bharti Dhorepatil along with her team of expert doctors and other medical staff expert has been diligently functioning and providing established IVF services for over a decade at national level with standard and successful pregnancy rates above 50%.

Dr.Bharti Dhorepatil has received educational qualifications of DNB (Ob and Gyn), DGO, FICS, PGDCR, FICOG.

She has received basic & advanced ART Training at National University Hospital in Singapore(NUH), Germany and Brusse ls.

She has also done Advanced Assisted Reproductive Training Medical College in Georgia, Augusta, USA. Also, Advanced Endoscopy Training at Keil University, Germany. She is an Esteem Member of ESHRE, ASRM, ISAR and IFS.

The concept of our phenomenal organization Ssmile, is an accolade to the Pioneers- Dr. Steptoe, Dr. Edward, Dr. Subodh Mukharjee & Dr. Indira Hinduja in this field.

Our IVF organization has been notably designed and modular structure and Air Handling Unit along with unique facilities to provide purest form of air atmosphere and thus get best quality embryos enhance the rate of Pregnancy.

It is our earnest commitment to avail the best and world class Fertility Care inclusive of technical expertise that has been proven to provide consistent and successful outcome along with treatment transparency.

We aim to appropriately and diligently understand your Fertility Problem and keep you well updated regarding the same. Further, we assure you to provide the best possible infertility treatment options also we offer the service to individualize treatment choices throughout the process in order to overcome every obstacle and challenge in the path if achieving success and pure joy in form of your biological baby.

We shall always be available to provide expert guidance and humanitarian understanding to solve your fertlity issues and provide excellent solution thereby assuring fabulous results.

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